IAU Director General for International Affairs:
Non-Iranian Students are Obliged to Register at the Centralized System
The IAU Director General for International Affairs announced the circular for organizing educational and consular status of non-Iranian students to all Islamic Azad University branches across the country.
At the beginning of this circular it is mentioned:”According to the organization of student affairs instruction of the ministry of science, research, and technology and in order to organize the educational and consular status of non-Iranian students who are studying at IAU branches, and to facilitate providing consular services for these applicants, all foreign nationals including new admitted students and previous foreign students who are studying at the IAU, including those who were admitted by general entrance exams, those who were admitted in non-exam form (according to the educational records), those who were admitted by  IAU evaluation and admission center, and those who admitted without taking an entrance exam, should register their application at the centralized registration and verification system of non-Iranian nationals who are the applicants to study at Islamic Republic of Iran, and they should follow up their cases by tracking code.”
In this circular, paying attention to some instructions by IAU branches and non-Iranian students considered as mandatory, and new admitted students and previous non-Iranian students who are studying at the IAU should log on to organization of student affairs website to register their information and upload their residence and educational documents.   
Also, in clause B of this circular, it is emphasized,” Obtaining educational and residential documents and preliminary checking and conforming with the uploaded documents at the above mentioned website and ensuring its accuracy at the time of filing student records is performed by consular affairs representative for non-Iranian students of related university branches. The documents of students and foreign students after issuing study certificate by university branches upload at the website.
It is to mention that educational status of foreign nationals who are the applicants for study at university branches including long-term and short-term education will be performed according to the customary procedure.
Also, selecting the correct choice of nationality and type of general admission, without scholarship exam, and non scholarship at website at the time of filing student documents with coordination of IAU General Directorate for International Affairs of central organization or consular representative for non-Iranian students of university branches is mandatory.
At the clause 2 of this circular, it is mentioned that from 09.06.2018 providing any consular services to non-Iranian students is subjected to registering educational and residence records by student at website and confirmation of the related university branch, and the General Directorate of International Affairs of IAU central organization.
Non-Iranian students should note that the initial admission of the applicant is subjected to scientific and general accreditation (confirmation of information and mentioning that admission of the applicant does not have any problem) and definitive admission of the student is subjected to obtaining passport containing visa and study residency.  
According to this circular, in case of failure to obtain passport and visa and study residency by the student, admission and registration of non-Iranian students is not considered legal, and the presidents of Islamic Azad University branches should encounter its responsibility and legal consequences. 
“Islamic Azad University-IAU is ready to place the center for its regional activities in Syria, the friend and brother country,” the President of IAU Founding Council and Board of Trustees, announced.
Dr. Ali Akbar Velayati, the President of IAU Founding Council and Board of Trustees met and discussed with Dr. Atef Alnaddaf, the Syrian Minister for Higher Education, regarding the establishment of IAU branches in Damascus, Aleppo, and Lattakia.
“After the tough period of war, Syria is now entered to the construction phase, for which the IAU could be the facilitator via the application of its scientific potentials and establishment of branches,” the President of IAU Founding Council and Board of Trustees, mentioned by referring to the Syrian President’s interest in fulfilling the establishment of IAU branches in the country and the expansion of scientific cooperation.
On the other hand, Mr. Alireza Sheikh Attar, the IAU Director General for International Affairs, also mentioned to the role of IAU as the Iranian leading university in foreign students admission. He added that “More than 10 thousands foreign students are studying at different levels at IAU, and most of them are studying at Master’s and PhD. levels of study.”
“IAU has 4 overseas branches in Lebanon, Afghanistan, the United Kingdom, and the United Arab Emirates, and currently the scientific cooperation with Germany, Russia, and Azerbaijan has begun especially in medical fields,” he pointed out.
In this respect, Dr. Atef Alnaddaf, the Syrian Minister for Higher Education declared that, “Syria welcomes any scientific cooperation between the countries, and we need further scientific collaborations with Iran.”
The IAU Director General for International Affairs announced the onset of serious educational and research cooperation between IAU and Iraqi universities via providing joint programs of study, dual degree certificates and E-learning facilities for the Iraqi students.
According to the ANA news agency, the chancellors of four Iraqi universities attended the central organization of IAU and met with Mr. Alireza Sheikh Attar, the IAU director general for international affairs, during their visit to Tehran.
Sheik Attar added that the Iraqi delegates visited the facilities of the IAU, by which they were exposed to the vast scientific, research and cultural capacities of the university.
He pointed out that during the meeting, IAU proposed the Iraqi delegates to provide mutual cooperative activities with the university, concerning the issues such as faculties and students exchange programs, sabbatical leaves for researchers and faculties, Iraqi students’ admission and E-learning programs.
Sheikh Attar also mentioned to the 600 Iraqi students studying at IAU, through which he emphasized on the necessity for strengthening mutual connections between IAU branches and Iraqi universities.

The IAU Director General for International Affairs announced the holding of ASAIHL 33th international conference in December 2018 which will be hosted by Islamic Azad University-Qazvin branch.

“Association of Southeast Asian Institutions of Higher Learning-ASAIHL was established in 1956 with the goal of developing higher education and increasing educational quality in Southeast Asia, and currently it has begun its sixty second year of activity,” Mr. Alireza Sheikh Attar mentioned by referring to the position of IAU at the association as the member and president.

“The current members at ASAIHL included about 240 universities from Iran, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Australia, Vietnam, Brunei, Singapore, Philippines, Cambodia, Hong Kong, India, Japan, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, East Timor, Poland, Belgium, Canada, France, United Kingdom, New Zealand, Sweden, and the United States”, the IAU Director General for International Affairs added.

“Till 2008, only Southeast Asian universities were among the members of ASIAHL and since then the association has accepted new members from among 29 universities and higher education institutes in different Asian and European countries. In this respect, eight Iranian universities became the members among which Islamic Azad University held a chair in the association as

the host for the ASAIHL conference in 2015. The IAU was adopted as the association’s president in 2016 and the presidency term will be finished by hosting the conference for the second time in December 2018 at IAU Qazvin branch”, he said.

“IAU Qazvin branch was appointed as the host of the upcoming conference due to its scientific capabilities, and innovative activities specifically in RoboCup competitions, and its reputable position within international scopes,” he mentioned.

Mr. Sheikh Attar also pointed out the annual ASAIHL conference in Japan in March 2013 at Soka University, for which the president of IAU, Dr. Rahbar appointed him as the representative participant. He mentioned to the negotiations held during the conference and using his diplomatic records and experience, through which the IAU representatives were succeeded in changing the viewpoints of the ASAIHL members towards the university while emphasizing to the commitment of the university to the related decisions made by the former presidents regarding the ASIAHL association.

“This kind of negotiations held at ASAIHL conference deeply influenced the members by which the chairing of one the ASAIHL’s committees was assigned to the IAU director general for international affairs. There were also five more lectures, presented at the conference covering the introduction of Qazvin branch, and proving the compelling reasons for the admission of IAU Qazvin branch to be the host for the next conference via pointing the university’s overseas activities, scientific diplomacy, and facilities. Besides, the other representative of IAU, Dr. Mohammad Iman Askari also presented his paper on the “Methods of Teaching English and Translation at IAU”, Mr. Attar pointed out.

“We will host the ASAIHL conference in December 2018, besides the sessions for the board of trustees meetings, and the sessions for presenting articles. The IAU is also planning to provide a visit for the participants in Qazvin and its historical monuments as well as the IAU Science and Research branch, aiming at making the universities’ presidents more familiar with the developments and achievements of IAU and Iran’s culture and civilization history,” Mr. Sheikh Attar emphasized.

“Generally, such international events hold with some major and minor purposes by which the main purpose is presenting lectures and scientific papers and the minor purpose including the universities’ negotiations and discussion for expanding cooperation and collaborations for which the IAU is planning the event with the presence of other Iranian member universities and IAU branches for the establishment of international relations with the foreign participants from across the globe,” the IAU Director General for International Affairs continued.

“The main objective of IAU for holding the 33th ASAIHL conference is to present the real and clear expression of Islamic Republic of Iran and to provide the necessary backgrounds for the settlement of international scientific cooperation among the presenting universities at the conference,” he pointed out.

“Islamic Azad University-IAU should be the manifestation of an Islamic university in its real meaning”, IAU Acting Director General for Int’l Affairs mentioned.
“It is an honor for me to accept this responsibility. The mission that the supreme leader of Iran has entrusted to Dr.Velayati and the university’s staff, is not considered as an ordinary daily issue, rather it is supposed as the manifestation of an Islamic university in its real meaning, and the graduates of university should have such a view,” Mr. Alireza Sheikh Attar at the ceremony of reverence, and introduction of the ex and new directors of Int’l Office pointed out.
 “We hope to continue his good deeds, and act properly according to the policies of Dr. Velayati, and Dr. Rahbar,” Dr. Sheikh Attar mentioned by appreciating the efforts of the previous director.
  “Dr. Velayati has a theory regarding Iran, considering the country in geographical perspective and cultural view, the latter will lead Iran beyond the borders.