**Internationalization of Islamic Azad University
In line with the guidelines from the Head of Board of Trustees and Founding Board of the University, His Excellency Ayatollah Hashemi Rafsanjani, regarding the vital role of internationalization for Islamic Azad University in securing a strong global presence, it is essential to outline a comprehensive internationalization strategic plan for the University. This of course requires to be in agreement with the overall University strategic plan. It is therefore essential to strengthen and enhance the activities of the University overseas and international branches (campuses) as a top priority.
Declaration of the 68th Bi-Annual Meeting of the IAU Central Council, Article 8.
Dr. Seyed Javad Angaji, the Vice President for International Affairs of IAU, announced the establishment of new branches in Islamic and Persian Speaking neighboring Countries.
Dr. S. J. Angaji, also mentioned to the future plans of the Vice-Presidency for Int’l Affairs according to the Slogan of the Year by the Supreme Leader, "The Year of Economy and Culture with National Determination and Jihadi Management".
The vice-President for Int’l Affairs, referred to the three decades of Islamic Azad University’s life as the World's largest Attending University including Alumni, Students, Faculties and staff within over 450 branches around the country and in overseas which considered as an determining factor in financial and economic matters.
He also emphasized the development of overseas branches along with admission of more international students as a power to the financial growth of the IAU. In this regard, the IAU seeks to settle mutual co-operation and relation with the scientifically expert countries which specifically, perused through the IAU, Oxford branch in England.
Dr. Angaji, said “The IAU is a member of the seven Internationally known Associations, and the matter is of overriding importance to the University in conducting research-based activities” and aimed at internationalizing internal abilities via using the full potential of the Iranians in abroad along with the localization of successful projects and utilizing the capacities of Int’l Organizations such as UNESCO, ISESCO and etc.  
He also mentioned to the close collaboration of industry and university and the role of Int’l branches in setting such relations especially in economical regions that ultimately, providing part of expenses of the University and helps the Country’s economy.
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