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** Dr. Ebrahimi, Director General for International Affairs: Islamic Azad University to Establish Branches in Iraq, Syria, and Azerbaijan

Dr. Ebrahimi declared that IAU branches, and majors in Lebonan, and Afghanistan will be expanded.
 “Further to the MoU signed between IAU and Iraqi side, the University’s branches will be established in 5 cities of Iraq,” Dr. Ebrahimi declared.
Dr. Ebrahimi also referred to the study plan for the settlement of IAU branch in Azerbaijan further to the meeting of IAU president with the Azari ambassador to Tehran.

** Dr. Hossein Ebrahimi Emphasized on the Establishment of Branches in the Neighboring Countries as the Islamic Azad University-IAU Major Overseas Program

Ebrahimi pointed to the regulation of the items in the meeting between Dr. Valayti and the Representative of Iraqi Supreme Council.
He also mentioned to the majors that are to be taught at IAU Iraq branched and added that, in the first phase Basic Sciences are our purpose further to the needs of Iraqi societies and in future we are planning to prepare Engineering and Medical Sciences as well.
He referred to the approval of IAU degree certificates at Iraq Ministry of Science besides the presence of many Iraqis at IAU branches who welcome the establishment of an IAU local branch in their cities that are predicted to be set up in Basra, Najaf, Karbala and possibly Baghdad. 

** Expansion of Overseas Activities and Development of Academic Relations with the Neighboring Countries via the New Presidency at Islamic Azad University.

Dr. Velayati: Expanding cooperation with the neighboring countries is the New IAU Scope of Activities.
Dr. Nourian: IAU to Establish Branches in Iraq.
In a meeting at Masih Daneshvari Hospital:
The cooperation MoU between Iran and Iraq to establish IAU branches in Iraq signed by Dr. Ali Akbar Velayati, Dr. Ali Mohammad Nourian, and Seyed Mohsen Hakim, the representative of Iraqi Supreme Council.
Dr. Ali Akbar Velayati mentioned to the expansion of IAU overseas activities with the neighboring countries, and strategic allies of the Islamic Republic of Iran said, “IAU through its new strategies in foreign relations, IAU will aid them by setting scientific, academic, and technical relations. These activities are shaped together with the efforts of Dr. Nourian to expand such mutual cooperation with Iraq, and in this respect, the current MoU with Seyed Mohsen Hakim, one of the prominent figures of Iraqi Islamic Supreme Council was signed,”
“After obtaining the required qualifications from the Iraqi officials, IAU branches in Najaf, Karbala, Basra, and Kurdistan will be established”, The Chief of IAU Board of Trustees and Founding Council added by referring to some aspects of the signed MoU.
“From the next or two other semesters, we will register students at the Islamic Azad University Iraq branches,” Dr. Ali Mohammad Nourian the President of the Islamic Azad University said.

** Islamic Azad University- IAU- (Central Tehran Branch)- IAUCTB and Polytechnic Turin University Signed Cooperation Agreement in Designing and Architecture Engineering

With the presence of high delegates of Turin Polytechnic University including Bernardino Kaiya, the Deputy for International Affairs, Elisa Armando, the Director for International Affairs, and Professor Karlo Naldi, the Director for International Communications of Italian Universities, and Dr. Hossein Ebrahimi, the IAU Director General for International Affairs, Dr. Ahmad Shams, the Islamic Azad University Central Tehran Branch, and Tehran province Chancellor
the cooperation Agreement has been signed.
“IAUCTB regarding its high scientific and research potentials, 1200 faculty members, and diverse fields of studies, is now ready to expand the grounds for the scientific and research cooperation with the leading international universities including the Italian ones”, Dr. Shams declared as expressing his welcome speech towards the Italian delegates.
“We could sign joint cooperation agreement with some universities in Italy, and we welcome such cooperation with the leading universities in the world,” Dr. Shams added by pointing at the IAUCTB readiness to define the collaborative research projects.
“In recent years, the general policy of Islamic Azad University has focused on the expansion of International relations. Accordingly we have signed scientific and educational cooperation agreements with reputable universities of the world and the IAUCTB has been successful in this respect”, the IAU Director General for International Affairs said.
“Student and Professor Exchange, performing research projects, performing joint thesis, and holding joint educational, and research workshops are the provisions of these agreements,” Dr. Ebrahimi clarified.
It is to mention that the Turin University of Italy had previously signed joint cooperation agreement with international universities of china, and Uzbekistan with the related fields of study.