Prof. Tehranchi in a meeting with the representatives of Poland (University of Warsaw and Polish Embassy in Tehran) at ASAIHL Conference 2018:
“The Development of Academic Collaborations between Islamic Azad University-IAU and Polish University of Warsaw”
A meeting on exploring the grounds for the establishment of Persian/Polish languages and literatures and History Studies of the two countries was held with the presence of Iranian and Polish delegations from University of Warsaw and Polish Embassy in Tehran on the sidelines of ASAIHL 2018 conference.
According to Prof. Tehranchi, the native language is the language of thinking, while the second language is the language of concepts transmitting. In today's interconnected world, we need to preserve our own local language. As stated in the Holy Quran, the existence of diverse languages spoken by diverse races and communities represents the existence of God.
Prof. Tehranchi also mentioned that if a nation forgets its own past and history, it will face failures in the future. Accordingly, the nations that had good relationships can continue and reinforce their relations in the future. In this context, we can set up friendly relationships with Polish universities based on our mutual understanding and our past histories. He declared the IAU’s readiness for settling the Polish language and literature and Poland Studies in on the IAU branches based on which it is necessary to conduct feasibility studies.   
He continued that we can develop programs for trading and business between Iran and Poland, through which the graduates could become the professionals in economic, banking, customs and marketing regulations. This model of cooperation needs no governmental fund and it can be expanded should the public find it helpful.
Prof. Maciej Duszczyk, the Vice-Rector for Research and International Relations at University of Warsaw, welcomed the suggestions provided by Prof. Tehranchi and continued that, this is the good step to be taken and in returning to Poland he will reach the consent of the University’s consent on signing the MoU till the end of January 2019.