“Presentation of 35 Papers, 2 Country Reports, and 6 Speeches at ASAIHL Conference 2018”

“Presentation of 35 Papers, 2 Country Reports, and 6 Speeches at ASAIHL Conference 2018”
In his welcome Speech, Prof. Dr. Bijan Ranjbar, the IAU Vice-Chancellor for Research and Technology and the Secretary for ASAIHL 2018 Conference Scientific Committee mentioned. The content of Prof. Ranjbar’s welcome speech is as follows:
In the Name of God
Dear the Honorables,
Prof. Tehranchi, the Chancellor of Islamic Azad University,
The President, Vice-Presidents, Board Members, Secretary General and Representatives of the Member Universities of ASAIHL,
Prof. Salar Amoli, the Vice-Minister for International Scientific Cooperation of I. R. Iran MSRT (Ministry of Science, Research, and Technology),
His Excellencies Ambassadors and Respected Delegates from Embassies in Iran,
My Colleagues at Iranian Universities and Islamic Azad University Branches,
Respected Guests and Attendees,
Ladies and Gentlemen,
Welcome and please accept my warmest greetings from Islamic Azad University-IAU.
It is a great honor to be the host for the ASAIHL Conference 2018 on the “Role of Private Universities on the Development of Higher Education” at Islamic Azad University-Qazvin Branch (QIAU) with the presence of the representatives from the universities and higher education institutions.
I am definitely sure that the topics and presentations to be delivered by the respected guests will be effective in the development of higher education among the member universities at ASAIHL and achieving its goals. In this respect, as a member at ASAIHL, IAU has consistently tried its best for the achievement of the Association’s determined objectives.
As the Secretary for ASAIHL 2018 Conference Scientific Committee, this is to mention that out of the 71 papers and 4 country reports received by the committee, 35 papers and 2 country reports were accepted to be presented in the current conference including the reports from I. R. Iran and Thailand. In addition, during the conference 6 speeches on the “Conditions of Higher Education in the Current World” will be delivered by dignitaries from Japan, Thailand Malaysia, the UK, and I. R. Iran.
The 33rd ASAIHL General Conference and the Election of ASAIHL President, Vice-Presidents and Board Members will be held at the current session.
In the current conference held at QIAU, the key elements in higher education consisting of teaching methods and curriculum development will be discussed and investigated within 4 parallel sessions for paper presentations.
As you might be aware, IAU is the largest attending university of the world. In this view, the IAU Qazvin branch is one of the leading universities in modern technologies such as artificial intelligence, robotics, drones and electric vehicles and has made remarkable achievements in the scientific progress of our country. Accordingly, due to the importance of the role of private universities in the development of the countries, the topics of discussion will be beneficial for the member universities at ASAIHL. Thus, certainly valuable speeches will be presented by the dear attendees.”