Prof. Tehranchi Announced in a Meeting with Member Universities of ASAIHL from Philippines (Far Eastern University, Adamson University, and José Rizal University) on the sidelines of ASAHIL 2018 Conference:
"Joint Courses between Islamic Azad University-IAU and Philippines Universities Will Be Formed / Holding the Academic League of the Asian Universities"
"The Asian countries especially at the eastern Asia are very important for us", the Chancellor of IAU by mentioning that the Asia will have a vital role in scientific future of the world said.
Prof. Tehranchi mentioned to the opportunities provided during the conferences such as ASAIHL for settling academic relations between the universities.
According to Prof. Tehranchi, such a joint meeting can provide a valuable opportunity for establishing academic relationships and cooperation between the universities, attaining and operationalizing MoUs. He added that, MoUs represent the authorities' willingness to begin the new projects and propose the practical solutions needed to expand the cooperation.
According to the IAU Chancellor, the Asia will have an important role in the world’s scientific future and the world will be affected by the progresses occurred in the Asia.
The member at the Iranian Supreme Council of Cultural Revolution noted that, given this background as well as the IAU' plans for the expansion of the cooperation with the eastern Asian countries, we are ready to have practical cooperation with the universities in Philippines.
Prof. Tehranchi pointed to the necessity of “Holding the Academic League of the Asian Universities” and referred to the proposals provided by the representative from Philippines for expanding cooperation with IAU in Engineering, Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Sciences for which he mentioned to the IAU Medical and Qazvin branches for conducting cooperation.
He proposed the settlement of joint programs in MBA between IAU and universities from Philippines as the backbone of trading and academic relations.
Prof. Tehranchi also mentioned the possibilities of cooperation in the fields of Business Administration, Financial Administration and International Law, for which it is possible to set up a joint college at IAU and universities of Philippines. Thus, the students who will study in the faculty will be acquainted with the related rules and regulations of the two countries. To do so, the joint programs and degrees should be provided, based on which the students could study in Iran for one year and shall continue the study in Philippines for the next year. The students who attend such programs could be the reinforcing engines for strengthening the relations between Iran and Philippines. According to the Chancellor of IAU such a movement is sustainable since it will be started by the governments and universities and continued by people. In the current situation, we need to have such activities for the future.
Prof. Tehranchi also pointed to the languages of the countries which could be learned by the students who attend the joint programs. He added that the IAU-Electronic Campus is ready to hold joint programs with university of Philippines. At the end of meeting the preparation and signing of MoUs among the universities was noted to be done till the next conference of ASAIHL in Manila, Philippines.