Dr. Tehranchi at the Opening Ceremony of ASAIHL 2018 Conference:
“The Asia Will Be the Pioneer of Higher Education till 2020”
"The Asia has turned to the origin of new powers, and it is not a far away expectation that one day the traditional centers of power transfer from the west to the Asia", the Chancellor of Islamic Azad University-IAU said.
Prof. Mohammad Mehdi Tehranchi, the Chancellor of IAU welcomed the Secretary General, Vice-Presidents, Board Members, and representatives of the university members of ASAIHL at the opening ceremony of the Association of Southeast Asian Institutes of Higher Learning-ASAIHL 2018 held at QIAU, and mentioned "We thank God that gives us the opportunity to be the host of professors, science and knowledge experts, and elites."
"Further to the decision made at ASAIHL in March 2018 at Soka University in Japan, Islamic Azad University-IAU was elected to be the host of the current conference on the “Role of Private Universities on the Development of Higher Education” during 10-13 December 2018,"he continued.
Referring to the main issue of his remark about the prominent transition in the world of science based on the documents in the world, Prof. Tahranchi said: "Imam Ali (Peace be upon him) says in a hadith that "science is the power, and whoever bears it, would be the strong, and whoever neglects it will be overcome." Therefore, science and its application are of great importance, especially in today's world.”
The periodical President of ASAIHL referred to the reports published by the Science Foundation of United States of America in 2016 pointing out that the world is now facing a vital shift in the geography of science, research, education and trade since new powers in the Asia are flourishing in the world of science.
The member at Supreme Council of Iran Higher Education pointed out that, the countries which considered themselves as the leader of the world are now considering other countries as the threat, due to the changes occurred in Asian countries’ higher education and research. He mentioned to the growth occurred in the students’ population in the last decade in which China, India, the USA, Brazil and I. R. Iran ranked first to fifth, respectively. The next countries in the students’ population are Indonesia, Russia, Turkey, Venezuela, Bangladesh, and Pakistan which shows the prominent role of the Asia in it.
Prof. Tehranchi pointed to the target market of science in the Asia and mentioned to the position of Iran in engineering science which is 2nd. Also according to the Global Innovation Index Iran is among the important countries of the world in the science. He added that Asian countries will be the pioneer of higher education till 2020.      
TheOpening Speech by Prof. Dr. Mohammad Mehdi Tehranchi, the IAU Chancellor and President of ASAIHL is as follows:
“In the Name of God
Dear the Honorables,
The Vice-Presidents, Board Members, Secretary General and Representatives of the Member Universities of ASAIHL,
Prof. Salar Amoli, the Vice-Minister for International Scientific Cooperation of I. R. Iran MSRT (Ministry of Science, Research, and Technology),
His Excellencies Ambassadors and Respected Delegates from Embassies in Iran,
My Colleagues at Iranian Universities and Islamic Azad University Branches,
Respected Guests and Attendees,
Ladies and Gentlemen,
Thanks God to be at your presence, the great scholars, scientists and intellectuals, in this beautiful day of autumn.
Further to the decision made at ASAIHL in March 2018 at Soka University in Japan, Islamic Azad University-IAU was elected to be the host of the current conference on the “Role of Private Universities on the Development of Higher Education” during 10-13 December 2018. In this respect, the IAU Qazvin Branch, which has an industrial perspective along with education, research and training in its major working elements, was adopted as the organizer of the conference. IAU Qazvin branch is one of the outstanding branches of IAU, specifically bearing the highest positions in Robotics and Artificial Intelligence. Accordingly, the QIAU was the host for the Robocop Asia Pacific international competitions in Kish Island with the presence of 250 teams from 16 countries during 7-9 December 2018.
I may extend my deep appreciations towards Prof. Ninnat Olanvoravuth, the Secretary General of ASAIHL for all his good kindness for holding the current conference.
My Dear Colleagues;
In the current era, private higher education universities have a determining role in the development of the countries. The issue at the stake here is that governments cannot bear the higher education load. A great change has been occurred in the concept and position of power within the end of the last century.  On the other hand, the soft power has shown an influential effect in comparison with the hard power since the science and technology production is considered as the basis for it. In this view, the Asia has become the place for the flourishing powers and as a result the transmission of power from the traditional western countries to the Asia is not out of scene.  
I hope that the papers and solutions which are going to be delivered in the conference, would applicably pave the grounds for the further development of the Asia in science, technology, and economics. Through strengthening the relations between the member universities and further efforts in joint research activities and projects as well as scientific exchanges, a multidimensional development will be achievable in a short while.
The presence of chancellors and representatives from reputable universities in the conference will provide additional chances for conducting negotiations on educational and research collaborations with Iranian universities and specifically IAU branches which are attending the conference. To this end, particular time and places are allocated for further discussions and meetings between the rectors of universities.
I hope that IAU will be a good host for all the honorable attendees and to benefit from being together for each moment. I have to inform all the respected guests that Qazvin is one of the ancient cities of Iran which is famous via being the capital art of calligraphy. The city has many historical places and museums that you may visit them during the upcoming days.
Thank you.”