The Message from Prof. Velayati to the ASAIHL Conference 2018:

The Message from Prof. Velayati to the ASAIHL Conference 2018:
The Asia is Now Turning to be the New Power across the Globe
At the opening ceremony of the Association of Southeast Asian Institutes of Higher Learning-ASAIHL 2018 conference the message from Prof. Dr. Ali Akbar Velayati, the President of IAU Founding Council and Board of Trustees, was delivered by Mr. Alireza Sheikh Attar, the IAU Vice-Chancellor for International Affairs. The content of the message is as follows:
                                                         “In the Name of God                        
Dear the Honorables,
Prof. Tehranchi, the Chancellor of Islamic Azad University,
The President, Vice-Presidents, Board Members, Secretary General and Representatives of the Member Universities of ASAIHL,
Prof. Salar Amoli, the Vice-Minister for International Scientific Cooperation of I. R. Iran MSRT (Ministry of Science, Research, and Technology),
His Excellencies Ambassadors and Respected Delegates from Embassies in Iran,
My Colleagues at Iranian Universities and Islamic Azad University Branches,
Respected Guests and Attendees,
Ladies and Gentlemen,
I would like to extend my warmest greetings and welcome towards all the scholars who attend this scientific and academic event. Your presence, as the dignitaries, is a great opportunity to discuss and negotiate more on the role of universities and academics on the development of the societies particularly in the Asian region, and to expand cooperation among member universities at ASAIHL.
The ancient continent of Asia is now turning to be the new power across the globe, although it might face several impediments and enemies, through which the scientific progress of Asian countries is considered as a threat to the ruling power of them.  In this respect, other countries’ perspectives on ruling the world is based on military, economic, political and particularly scientific capabilities as the basis for all the powers.
Accordingly, the independent scientific growth of countries would endanger the monopolism of power. As a result, they stand against the independent scientific growth of other countries to ensure the monopolism of power for themselves.
Currently, soft power has occupied an important position in comparison with the hard power, since the main axis of soft power is the production of science and technology, and this is one of the main reasons for the hegemonic countries’ concerns.
Accordingly, the expansion of scientific relations and conducting mutual applied research projects are the fastest route to the development of the countries which are intended to be the new powers. They should be serious in this route, although there might be some disagreements in it.
The worlds’ current ambiguous international condition, economic complexity, and being in the transmission process make the Asian countries to have further cooperation with each other. Although, achieving this purpose is duty of politicians, however the universities, higher education institutions, scholars, and dignitaries have their own roles in doing so.
Regarding the scientific progress, we have a very good experience in Iran by increasing the number of students from 170000 to 4000000 comparing the pre and post revolution periods. Currently, our country has a good position in scientific ranking in the region and world the good examples of which, are the position of Iran in Nano-science (among the 10 leader countries), Genetics (the 1st in the region and 16th in the world), Aerospace (1st in the region and 15th in the world) and other fields. We are ready to share these experiences with other universities.   
The Dear Guests and Scholars,
In our point of view, science is for all and no one has the right to impose sanctions on it for the purpose of limiting others and making the science monopolized. However, such sanctions are ineffective in front of the nations’ determination. A good example in this case, is Iran, to which sanctions have been imposed by the United States for all the years after the revolution. Meanwhile, in scientific terms, Iran which ranked 53rd in 1996 reached the rank of 16th in the world and 1st in the Middle East in 2016 further to the international references. 
Once again, I would like to emphasis that we are eagerly ready for collaborations with the universities in the region and if we are going to make the Asia, which is the origin of human civilization, to be the focal point of the world and civilization maker of the new era, the only way for success is cooperation in various fields specifically in science and technology.
I deeply hope the conference will lead to its objectives regarding the multi-dimensional development and the progress of the Asia. 
Peace be upon you with God’s Mercies
Ali Akbar Velayati-11/12/2018”