“Ayatollah Hashemi Rafsanjani constantly emphasized that the Islamic Azad University expansion in abroad must be taken in to serious consideration by the IAU board of directors,” the Director General for the Islamic Azad University International Affairs Department said.
“The services that Ayatollah Hashemi has provided for Iran and especially at the Islamic Azad University are not hidden for anyone. He followed up the university issues and board of trustees meetings with effort, accuracy, and energy,” Dr. Hossien Ebrahimi mentioned to the vital role of Ayatollah Hashemi Rafsanjani as the founder, chairman of the board of founders, and the chairman of board of trustees at the IAU.
“Due to my responsibility at the international office, I have visited Ayatollah Hashemi Rafsanjani for several times. He believed that the IAU in Iran reached its growth and development, and currently it is the time for the IAU to expand its foreign activities to be successful at the international arena,” Dr. Ebrahimi said.
“Ayatollah Hashemi Rafsanjani at the last IAU board of trustees meeting that was held with his presence indicated that the IAU expansion in foreign countries should be considered seriously by the IAU board of directors in addition to the expansion of IAU offices in 16 countries.” he added.
“Further to the viewpoint of Ayotollah Hashemi Rafsanji, and his emphasis on establishing branches in Iraq, and Oman, certainly launching branches in Najaf, and Karbala cities, the objectives are among the IAU International office agenda, so that his wishes will be fulfilled,” Dr. Ebrahimi indicated.
“Ayatollah Hashemi stated that the IAU international expansion should not be limited to the 16 countries that its branches are currently active, but it is possible to have scientific presence anywhere in the world, and the IAU can play its role in this regard,” he pointed out.
“On 8th January, some officials were supposed to travel to Iraq to check the establishment of the IAU Najaf branch, but the trip has been postponed due to the loss of Ayatollah Hashemi .” Dr. Ebrahimi declared.
“Based on Ayatollah Hashemi’s opinion and his persistence on launching branches in Iraq, and Oman, the issue will be pursued in Najaf, and Karbala cities, via Int’l office.” He stated.
“Ayatollah Hashemi was satisfied with the Islamic Azad University active participation at international associations, and he emphasized on the fruitful and suitable presence of IAU in foreign countries,” Dr. Ebrahimi added.