** Dr. Ebrahimi: France, Finland, and Austria International IAU offices will be launched

Dr. Hossein Ebrahimi Islamic Azad University Director General for international Affairs informed about launching 3 new international offices of this university in France, Finland, and Austria.
“Most of the Islamic Azad University international courses hold at the M.A and Ph.D. levels. Part of the IAU international courses will be held in the form of the Persian literature courses”, Dr. Hossein Ebrahimi said.
“One of the main goals of the IAU is developing the international activities. All universities want to develop their international cooperation, so one of the bases of expanding the IAU activities is participating at the credible international associations,” Dr. Ebrahimi mentioned.
“To fulfill this purpose, we have launched a studies office that checks scientific associations of the world, and paves a ground, so that the faculty members become members of the credible international scientific associations, and we can utilize their scientific and educational capacities in the future,” he added.