** Dr. Ebrahimi: IAU office in Malaysia to be established in three months/ New Offices will be founded in sixteen countries by 2025

The Islamic Azad University Director General for the International Affairs in a press meeting regarding the latest ASAIHL conference informed about the establishment of the IAU office at UPM University for the next 3 months, and emphasized the establishment of 16 new offices in other countries.
“The ASAIHL conference held during 4 to 6 December in Malaysia. Two main programs proposed at this conference. The first program was the election of the president and the new members of the board of trustees for 2 years, and the other program was planning for the goals of this conference” Dr. Hossein Ebrahimi the IAU Director General for the International Affairs regarding the ASAIHL conference said.
“The ASAIHL association established about 60 years ago, and it is now cooperating with the south east countries in Asia. This association transformed from the regional status, and universities from Australia, Belgium, France, and USA are now the members of it. Before holding the latest ASAIHL conference, the IAU from Iran was the only member of the ASAIHL association, and upon the ministry of science and research and technology request 8 other universities and research centers from Iran become a member in the ASAIL association. Currently, this association has 230 members from 35 different countries, “he continued.
“Scientific and academic exchange, facilitating the relation among members, and educational centers are among the important activities of the ASAIHL association. At the previous ASAIHL conference Dr. Mirzadeh nominated as the vice president of this association, and the secretary of the budget committee. At the recent conference, Dr. Mirzadeh selected as the president of the ASAIHL association for 2 years until 2018”, Dr. Ebrahimi added.
Establishing the IAU office in Malaysia
“The IAU by participating at the ASAIHL conference, held a program with the UPM University, and the presidents of both universities met with each other. Also, a MoU between the two universities signed. Finally the discussions lead to the signing of an executive contract between IAU, and UPM for holding joint post-graduate programs, and establishment of the IAU office at the UPM in the next 3 months. It has been mentioned that through the signed MoU it is possible for both sides to issue joint degrees between the IAU, and the UPM University,” Dr. Ebrahimi pointed out.
16 IAU offices will be established in different countries
At the latest ASAIHL conference it was decided to reserve the previous name of this association, and the phrase “+G” meaning “other universities around the world”, will be added. Since other because universities from Europe, Asia, USA, and Australia joined the association and now it is activated in all countries,” the IAU director general declared.