The 32nd ASAIHL conference (The Association of South East Asian Institutions of Higher Learning) held by the presidency of Prof. Aini Idris the UPM vice chancellor at this university.
Dr. Mirzadeh the president of the Islamic Azad University as the vice- president of the ASAIHL conference, Prof. Ninat Olanvoravuth secretary general of ASAIHL, and other members of the conference were present.
Dr. Ebrahimi the IAU Director General of the International Affairs Department by referring to the proposed discussions at the 32nd board of trustees of the ASAIHL conference said,” Ratification of the minute number 41, investigating the status of the new members acceptation, scrutinizing the activities of the year 2015 to 2016, financial report of 2015, and 2016, and its ratification, suggested plan and budgeting for 2017-2018, identifying the time, and place of holding the board of trustees session number 33, and the other subjects, and members suggestions discussed in this session.”
He added,” In this session it was determined two ASAIHL general conferences in 2018 will be held in May and November in Japan, and Islamic Republic of Iran. Also, the 2020 ASAIHL conferences will be held by Poland and Vietnam as the host countries”.
Dr. Ebrahimi noted that the ASAIHL (The Association of South East Asian Institutions of Higher Learning) as a nonprofit organization, established in the south East Asia region, and said,” This association currently with 209 members from 35 Asian countries, Oceania, Australia, New Zeland, Canada, North America, Poland, Belgium, and France has been considered as one of the biggest university associations at the international arena,”.