The IAU Director General for International Affairs declared: “the role of the Chabahar International branch in the scientific development, and advancement of free zone is very significant regarding the requirements of the city, and region.”
Dr. Ebrahimi expressed his satisfaction with the outcomes of the management sessions of international branches, and appreciated the efforts of the IAU Sistan and Balouchestan Province, and Chabahar international branch. He said, “The IAU Chabahar international branch has, educational, and proper research facilities, and the equipments including libraries, educational departments, administrators, workshops, and laboratories.”
He mentioned that the most important reason for the growth, and development of the Chabahar international branch is the interaction and continuous support provided by the IAU Sistan and Balouchestan, and stated, “Through the support provided for the plans, programs and ideas of the IAU Chabahar international branch, we will witness very favorable growth, and development of this IAU branch in the near future”.