Dr. Friedrich Stift, the honorable Austrian Ambassador in Iran, met and discussed with Dr. Hamid Mirzadeh, the President of the Islamic Azad University for the second time at the IAU.
Dr. Hamid Mirzadeh in this meeting welcomed the proposal of the Austrian Ambassador regarding the cooperation with the IAU, providing information regarding the current situation of this university.
Dr. Mirzadeh mentioned the role of the Ayatollah Hashemi Rafsanjani in establishment of the IAU, and enumerated the items that formed the biggest attending university of the world.
He stated that the Islamic Azad University enrolls students from all scientific fields at all levels, and according to the ESI scientific database, the rank of the IAU to participate at the science production in the world is 162.
The IAU President also pointed out the activities of approximately 68 thousands of faculty members of the university, and focused that cooperation with the IAU is an opportunity for Iran and every international university.
Islamic Azad University expands international activities
“In addition to establishing 4 international branches, the IAU has launched three international collaboration offices in Italy, Germany, Russia, and one new branch in Oman in recently, and decided to expand its international activities,” Dr. Mirzadeh said.
By referring to the visit of the IAU delegation to Austria, discussing international cooperation between two countries, Dr. Mirzadeh expressed that the IAU is ready to establish an office in Austria.
He stated that at this stage, with the cooperation of the E- branch, one of the IAU priorities regarding the education of Iranians and Persian speakers’ residents in foreign countries fulfills.
“ Every university in Austria can cooperate with us in this network, and we welcome this opportunity, but it is necessary for us to have a central office at one of the universities in Austria”, Dr. Mirzadeh added.
 “The Islamic Azad University is one of the important universities in Iran that has active programs in all parts of the country, respecting all provinces, and the Austrian government welcomes cooperating with the Islamic Azad University and establishment of a representative office in Austria,” Dr. Friedrich Stift pointed out.
“It is necessary that the Austrian ministry of science and higher education will issue the licenses for establishing the IAU office in Austria,” the ambassador said.
Dr. Friedrich Stift also mentioned the possibility of performing special cooperation in medical and paramedical fields with the IAU.
“We welcome collaboration with the Islamic Azad University,” he restated.
“In current economical MoU’s between Iran and Austria, the items of science and higher education are considered as significant factors,” Dr. Friedrich Stift declared.
“It is very beneficial for one thousand and six hundred Iranian students in Austria to educate in Persian language according to the IAU’s approach,” the ambassador said.