Dr. Hossein Ebrahimi the IAU Director General for International Affairs informed about inaugurating the Islamic Azad University branch in Oman.
Dr.Hossein Ebrahimi said, ”According to the ratification of the Islamic Azad University board of trustees regarding establishment of the IAU branch in Oman, after making arrangements in previous months, ultimately with the presence of Hujjat al-Islam Mohammadreza Nouri Shahroudi, the IAU president consultant, responsible for communication with the Islamic and Arabic countries, and Dr.Javad Mansouri the official responsible for Oman branch, the IAU branch in Oman was officially inaugurated and launched its activities.
Ebrahimi stated, “The preliminary works and the initial registration of the Oman branch including holding sessions with the ministry of higher education and the ministry of education of Oman have been held, and the main activities of Oman Branch includes IAU schools, university branches, dental branch, and establishment of knowledge-based companies in order to create educational opportunities.”