Dr. Ebrahmi mentioned in this interview: The IAU International Branches consist of two groups that are supervised by both international office the free zones directorate of the country such as Kish, Qeshm, Bandar Anzali, Julfa and Ayatollah Amoli. Other branches are overseas such as Afghanistan, Lebanon, UAE, Moscow and Oxford.
Islamic Azad University Cooperation Desks:
Since the beginning of year 1395, International Office with collaboration of Central Tehran, UAE and E-Campus Branches, set up three cooperation desks in Germany, Italy and Russia.
Faculty’s Assistance with Overseas Branches:
The IAU benefits from the faculties who were sent to the overseas branches from Iran and in order to have the same benefit from the foreign masters, the IAU international Office has settled data based by which the interested faculties including Iranians and Non-Iranians could register and declare their readiness. The IAU welcomes the prominent professors to teach at the IAU branches.  
Programs of Study in International and Overseas Branches:
The programs are proposed by the branches located the free zones and abroad according to their needs and request.
Through the IAU –cooperation desks, the main focus is on Electronic Learning provided by both the foreign desk and IAU E-Campus. Other programs which require attendance will be run mutually as it is the case for Central Tehran and Italy branches in Architecture.
Methods of Study
Both countries rules and regulations should be considered within the educational framework of the international and overseas branches and desks. For theses and dissertations we have considered two advisors, one from Iran and the other from the overseas branch or desks that are attending the defense sessions. For the Ph.D. students we have provided the sabbatical leaves to spend at IAU desks located countries.
The appointment of IAU desks and branches in foreign countries follow the same process as the interior ones.
No Limitations for Iranians to study at IAU Overseas Branches and Desks:
According to Dr. Ebrahimi there are no limitations for the Iranians and non-Iranians to study at any foreign branches or desks of the IAU. All the applicants should participate in the acceptance exam and in case of success and no legal barriers they can pursue their studies.
According to this authority, the IAU is now planning to benefit more from the Iranian Masters living abroad to teach at the IAU. The International Office is also aimed to further expand the international university’s network in collaboration with IAU E-Campus. The office has provided the electronic registration, available at for all the applicants.