Within a session hold for investigating IAU-Birjand branch’s international affairs and international students’ admission, Director General for International Affairs mentioned to the announcement of the IAU 5-year international document in near future and mentioned to the readiness of IAU Electronic Branch to admit Iranians living abroad for further academic studies.
The IAU International Affairs Director, pointed to the University’s efforts to attract non-Iranian Persian speaking students to study at IAU and the establishment of IAU’s Offices and International Network in Italy, Germany Russia, England, UAE, and Afghanistan.
The IAU’s Secretary of the Board of Trustees and President of the Islamic Azad University of South Khorasan also appreciated the follow-up activities conducted by International Affairs Office and the Representatives Office of MFA in the province, to enable South Khorasan to peruse the University’s intentional objectives. He added, “The settlement of IAU International Network provides the grounds for global excellence.”
Special Electronic Portal for non-Iranian Students’ Registration
Mr. Soroush Razmi, Director for non-Iranian Students Bureau at IAU International Affairs Office announced the uploading of the Special Electronic Portal for non-Iranian Students’ Registration and said that, the system is welcomed by the foreigners and we will face the expansion and excellence of IAU-International Network in near future.
The MFA representative in the South Khorasan Province also appreciated the IAU’s efforts to provide the grounds for admitting non-Iranian students and emphasized the MFA cooperation in the field.
By: M. I. Askari, IAU English Language Head Expert.