Tabatabaie: Imam Khomeini’s (Rah) ideals regarding women social participation has not achieved yet. The Belgian Side: hope for further institutional relationship between Iran and Belgium
In the meeting, the two sides discussed about the issues and problems related to women social participation in the two countries.
Dr.Tabatabaie chief of IAU’s Strategic Council for Educated Women in the meeting said, “The Islamic Azad University is the world’s largest attending university which has one million and 700 thousands students, 5 million graduates, and more than 400 branches in Iran and abroad, but only 25 percent of graduates are women who could have roles in scientific communities.
She added,” regarding the number of graduates, women who could apply for faculty positions are not suitable. Accordingly, the SCEW was established by the suggestion of Dr.Mirzadeh. The council is aimed to diagnose the current trends and problems in employing women for occupational opportunities.”