The 7 days workshop for Iraqi Students and Faculties Held at IAU- Aliabad Katool Branch; the Iraqi students and faculties took part in the mutual training workshop with IAU- Alibad Katool branch Nursery school’s students and faculties.
According to Dr. Ebrahimi:
The Islamic Azad University-IAU will be among the Accredited Universities of the Iraq’s Ministry of Higher Education within the next two months.
During the Iraqi student and faculties team visiting the IAU- Aliabad Katool branch, Director General for International Affairs, mentioned: IAU in its 4th decade of existence is seeking to expand mutual collaborations with famous universities around the globe and is aiming to enter the international scope through signing MoUs with world’s reputable universities. He also referred to the IAU Office in Kurdistan, Soleymanieh and the IAU readiness to establish more offices in Iraq.
((IAU- International Office Future Plans))
Dr. Ebrahimi mentioned to the future programs of the IAU in International Scopes:
He referred to the three axes of activities at the IAU- International Office:
Ø  Foreign Students Admission;
Ø  Developing Overseas Branches’ Quality and their Expansion;
Ø  Setting up New IAU Offices in Other Countries.
With these three areas of activity the IAU is seeking to grasp a higher position and ranking within international scopes. He also referred to the importance of MoUs at the IAU and mentioned to the formation of the IAU’s MoUs Workgroup. The workgroups is seeking to scrutinize and edit the MOUs in order to implement the content in a short time. The work group consists of the representatives of the IAU’s Vice-Presidencies, Ministries of Science, Research and Technology and Foreign Affairs to approve the MoU in case of suitability for implementation in addition to consider Persian Language and Literature Expansion and Introducing Iranian Tradition, Arts and History as the new IAU’s policies involved in MoUs.
By: M. I. Askari, IAU-English Language Head Expert.