Peter Kashmir, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance of Slovakia accompanied by the economic and trade delegations meet IAU’s president.
President of the Islamic Azad University in the beginning of the Deputy Prime Dr. Mirzadeh, welcomed and presented a brief report on the status of Islamic Azad University to the Minister of Slovakia and his delegation. He pointed to his meeting with the Ambassador of Slovakia and noted: "Islamic Azad University is ready to establish new offices or branches in Central Europe and to set up scientific and research cooperation with Slovak Universities."
The Slovak Minister mentioned to the good relationships between the two countries and their readiness to acquire knowledge, culture and arts from other countries.
Peter Kažimír mentioned to the importance of scientific cooperation between the Slovakian Universities and IAU and welcomed the establishment of IAU branches in Slovakia.  
Dr. Mirzadeh also provided some descriptions of Iran’s public and private systems and universities and said: "IAU is a private institution that provides its resources through tuition, knowledge-based economic activities and industrial contracts and services, and added that the University has no affiliation to the state budget.
President of the Islamic Azad University also noted to the comprehensive nature of science and the extent of the services provided for human being as the influential factors of the researcher’s work.
The Vice President for Students and Cultural Affairs in this meeting ask for the mutual cultural collaboration between Slovak Universities and the IAU and the IAU’s International Office is responsible to provide and pursue the collaborations drafts at the IAU.