The Publication of Research Methods by the Faculties of Islamic Azad University - IAU
Research Methods (a Textbook for EFL Learners)has been published by the faculties of Islamic Azad University. Research at IAU is now among the prominent domain of interest for the faculty members and students and besides this inner research activities and publications, the University welcomes any mutual collaboration on research activities based on international standards.
In order to provide the aforesaid situations and having a basic framework, the book Research Methods has been authored by the IAU’s outstanding professors of English Language Teaching, Dr. Mojgan Rashtchi and Dr. Parviz Birjandi. Currently, the total number of published books at IAU is 4530, including 3819 writings and 711 translations.
Translation Criticism and News Localization published by the Expert in Charge of English Language at the Islamic Azad University-IAU International Office  
The book titled Translation Criticism and News Localization is aimed to shed light on the steps taken by translators in translating the News into Persian for the localized version of the website.
By: Mohmmad Iman Askari, English Language Head Expert, International Office, IAU- Central Organization &
Ph.D. Candidate, English Language Teaching, IAU- Tehran North Branch.