September is heady and exhilarating spring for the youth who are keening knowledge and science and it is considered as a true asset of society and truly there are no merits and virtue greater than having intelligent and aware humans.
The new era should be called the age of human tremendous changes, in which the boundaries of knowledge are crossed in a sweeping pace and by this way, the modern society could give meaning to the science and wealth.
Today, having natural resources does not solely guarantee security, prosperity and power of the country by itself, rather having a knowledgeable and capable society will guarantee the future of them. In this respect the mission and responsibilities of students, professors and scholars are quite sensitive and valuable for that they can draw a nation’s path to the excellence.
Neglecting the scientific development of education and knowledge will hurt the future generations drastically and the academic community has the duty to observe and monitor the today’s world in order to be more involved in determining the destiny of the country.
Undoubtedly Islamic Azad University in the fourth decade of its existence will not be apathetic to the future of young people and the destiny of society and in this way the IAU has put dynamism, innovation and turning knowledge into wealth among the University’s top agenda by taking the scientific advantage of its youth and scholars.
I would like to congratulate the New Academic year to the esteemed Professors, Students and effortful colleagues at Islamic Azad University and wishes them health and success from the almighty and wise God.
Prof. Hamid Mirzadeh
Islamic Azad University - IAU