*** Rectors and Authorities of Top German Universities at the Islamic Azad University

The Vice-President for Int’l Affairs of IAU, Dr. S. J. Angaji, announced in a meeting with a committee of German Higher Education Authorities, the necessary substrate for Cooperation between Islamic Azad University and the German Counterparts has been provided.
According to Dr. Angaji, the meeting was set in line with the promotion of mutual Cooperation, Scientific and Research Exchanges, as the main objectives of the Islamic Azad University.
He also mentioned the Significance of the German delegation since they were among the top Authorities and universities of the Country with attendance of Prof. Margaret W. Manter as the Chairman of the Delegation.
The Vice-President for Research and Technology of the IAU, Dr. Vashghani Farhani, also attended the meeting and described the abilities, potential and current capacities of the IAU for the Delegation.