2019 Jul 18 Thu | Thursday, 18 July 2019


Dr. Ebrahimi Director General of the Islamic Azad University International Affairs Department presented a report regarding the IAU international network.
3 New Websites at the IAU’s International Network
According to Dr. Ebrahimi, the IAU international network consists of the overseas branches including: Afghanistan, Lebanon, Emirates, Oxford, and Russia, the university offices abroad, international branches in Iran, comprehensive supporting branches, and the electronic branch.
He pointed out to the IAU international network establishment, and added, “Providing the opportunity for the education of Iranian applicants, Iranians residents abroad, Persian speakers, and non-Iranians are the initial goals of launching this network.”
Dr. Ebrahimi also informed about the establishment of registration websites for non-Iranian applicants, Persian speakers enrollment, and professors database system.
The Director General of the Islamic Azad University International Affairs department by mentioning the number of non-Iranian students, said,” The number of IAU non-Iranian students reaches to 8 thousands and 123, and from this number, 6 thousands and 381 students inside Iran, and one thousand and 742 students are studying at the overseas branches.
He declared that the rate of registration of non-Iranian students in September 2016 compared to 2013, is more than 20 times, said,” our ultimate goal is the participation of 50 thousands students at the IAU international network.
Dr. Ebrahimi by referring to the increase of students at the IAU international branches, stated, “ At the IAU overseas branches, the registration of students in this year has increased to 60 percent comparing to the previous year. Also, the IAU offices in abroad include171 students at the MA, and Ph. D. levels, and the overseas branches also have 571 MA, and Ph.D. students.
The Director General of the Islamic Azad University International Affairs Department by referring to the enrollment of 4 thousands and 774 students at the 1st semester of 2016, said,” According to this statistics, the number of non-Iranian students is 858; Iranian foreign residents and Persian speakers are 106. Also, there are 171 staffs working at the foreign offices, and 571 staffs working at the overseas branches. Moreover; 3 thousands and 69 students currently studying at the IAU international branches, and these numbers has increased 56 percent compared to 2015.